Sports Catering For Home & Visiting Teams

Cuisine365 has been doing sports catering for many years. When your team is planning to visit Philadelphia for competition, we offer many options for optimal nutrition for your athletes.

Our Executive Chef and Registered Dietitian worked closely together to select options that are geared toward nutrient timing, optimal energy, recovery, and reducing inflammation.

Meals are delivered to the site of competition or practice. Meals are buffet style or pre-packaged so athletes can eat on the go or while they are traveling home/to their next destination. By working with the Cuisine365 dietitian or chefs, we make accommodations that are as customized as needed OR we will provide you with approved healthy options for athletes.

Common Team Meal Services by Cuisine365 are:
  • Pre-Game Meals
  • Post-Game Meals
  • Pre-Game Spreads (small snacks, wraps, bars, hydration, etc.)
  • In-Game Fueling Options
  • Post-Game Flight Meals
  • Visiting Team practice day meals the day before game if arriving to Philadelphia early
  • Local College/University Team meals (breakfast, lunch, dinners)

Additional Information
  • Food allergies can be accommodated
  • Organic, free-range, grass-fed or any other food preferences can be done with prior notice to Cuisine365 staff
  • Cuisine365 works with various budgets -- please discuss budgetary options with our staff to provide athletes with great quality & healthy food
  • Pre-fixed menus for pre- and post-game have been created by Cuisine365 sports dietitian and executive chef
  • Build-A-Meal menus for pre- and post-game have been created to allow athletes to select a protein, carbohydrate, vegetable, and sauce/seasoning to create a more personalized yet composed nutritious dish

Current & Past Clients

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For questions regards meals or sample menus, please contact our Registered Dietitian: