Healthy - Fresh - Cutting Edge Nutrition

Our goal is to not only create optimal sports performance, but help the team dietitian, strength coach/athletic trainer, and/or director of operations save time.

Our chefs are experienced in creating cutting edge menus alongside our Sports Dietitian help to develop a unique meal service specific to all athletics including the collegiate and professional sports setting.

The meals and services provided are geared towards sport-specific nutrition, body composition goals, type of performance (pre-, post-game/workout, etc.), and the expectations and goals of the team organization, strength and conditioning staff, and/or team dietitian. Together, we create a service that is centered around making the athlete well-nourished for optimal performance and training.

Cuisine365 is currently working within other organizations such as Villanova Men's Basketball, Temple Basketball, St. Joe's Basketball and other pro/collegiate teams.

What Does Cuisine365 Offer to Athletes & Teams?

Cuisine365 assists teams of all levels of competition (home and/or away teams) in the following services:

Visiting Team Services: we provide pre-game, post-game, pre-workout or post-workout meals to visiting NCAA and professional sports teams such as the NHL and NBA

Fueling Stations: Working within any budget, we create fueling stations for an entire athletic department or team, or specific sports organizations. The fueling stations are to provide food to high-school, NCAA and Pro teams to ensure snacks are provided for optimal fueling. We source snacks that are appropriate for nutrient timing, dietary needs, and that are good to eat! If any supplements are used, they are NSF-approved supplements, bars, or drinks.

Meal Delivery Service/Meal Planning: offering customized menus to help athletes eat healthy and save time while away from the court, rink, field, or practice.

Our proprietary Cuisine365 nutrition mobile app offers nutritional tracking for individuals & organizations with different levels of user access for coaches, staff & players (changed this sentence)

Our food is prepared and served by knowledgeable and experienced chefs.

Sports Dietitian Consulting services: If the team does not have a dietitian, our sports dietitian gives nutrition coaching and other services to achieve the goals of your specific sport.

Meal Sourcing: providing and coordinating meals for your organization while they travel. One of the many ways Cuisine365 can save you time and money.

What makes Cuisine365 Unique?

Our Sports Nutrition Services have been up and running for the past 6 years. Here is what separates us from the other food service providers:

  • Continually praised by players, coaches, and executives from around the NBA and NCAA as the best tasting food and customer service.
  • Our food is prepared and served by knowledge and experienced chefs.
  • Our proprietary Cuisine365 nutrition mobile app has the following features and integrations:-nutritional tracking for individuals & organizations-different levels of user access for coaches, staff & players
  • Sports Performance dietitian on staff available for individual player consultations, team, and staff education.
  • National purchasing power to help keep food cost down and pass along savings to our clients.