Sports Nutrition is key to improved performance in athletes.

Aspects of nutrition for sport are research based, relying on various aspects of fueling such as recovery, injury, type of sport, as well as hydration, body composition, and nutrient timing.

The addition of a registered dietitian experienced in all sports (elite, NCAA, high-school, and pro) to an organization enables both team and individuals perform better and healthier. Prevention of overtraining, fatigue, cramping, dehydration, and other issues are controlled when a sports dietitian is in place.

The following services are offered in Sports Nutrition by Cuisine365. Whether you’re an individual athlete trying to improve in your sport or a team/organization seeking services we are able to cater to all:

Monitor Menu Planning

Assist in menu planning for practice, pre- and/or post-game meals and snacks. Focus: lean proteins, antioxidants, whole grains, low-saturated fat, omega-3/omega-6 ratio diet

Fueling Station

Implement fueling station in practice facility and/or locker room for access to food/energy while training.

Personal Diet Consulting For Athletes

Players receive private consulting. Wife or girlfriends are able to access communication with dietitian. Players have access to RD via e-mail, text, phone calls/FaceTime. Strength Coach will have open communication and strong role with RD in regards to players training, injury rehab, body composition goals, etc.

Team Talks

Dietitian can deliver a wide variety of general sports nutrition topics and sport specific

Periodization Throughout Seasons

Menus and/or dietary recommendations alterations for different types of training and demands on the body throughout the year. Weight gain or weight loss may be more aggressive off-season and focus on nutrition for performance during season/playoffs.

Other Services:

• Bloodwork Interpretation Analysis and Body Composition Testing
• Nutrition for Team/Organization Staff
• Travel Nutrition
• Assist with Hydration Protocol and Testing
• NSF Supplementation Recommendations (safe/legal dietary supplements)

To learn more about our sports dietitian, please read her bio within this page.