Our Fueling Stations are an Integrated Part of The Sports Nutrition Services

This service is for student-athletes, professional, and athletes in a training facility, and provides access to beverages and snacks when resources are limited.

Due to the high-energy demands of being an athlete, it is important to consistently provide good nourishment for improved performance and overall good health. Snacks and beverages are located within the locker room of the team or facility in which they have access to items.

What types of items are selected for a Fueling Station?

We will work with your team’s budget to determine the amount of food and beverage or types of food and beverage offered to athletes.

The following are common items found in Fueling Stations:

  • Carbohydrates: granola bars, energy bars (NSF), pretzels, crackers, nutrition/breakfast bars, fresh fruit (bananas, apples, oranges), dried fruit, applesauce, Cheribundi tart cherry juice
  • Protein: lean jerky, hard boiled eggs, Greek yogurt, Go-gurt, peanut butter packets, nuts, sunflower seeds, string cheese, skim milk, chocolate milk, Muscle Milk Collegiate, EAS Whey, BioPro Whey
  • Combo snacks: Peanut butter crackers, trail mix, sandwiches (pre-made or made by staff), carrots & hummus/ranch dressing

What are the advantages to having a Fueling Station?

A Fueling Station provides additional healthy snacks and nourishment to athletes when resources can be limited and helps fuel and recover properly pre, during, and post-workout/performance. It is well understood that protein and carbohydrate are incredibly important within 30 minutes post-workout for muscle repair and refueling stored glycogen. We help create better fueled athletes. In addition, consuming carbohydrate prior to workout is effective in energy for performance. Because nutrient timing is key for athletes, a fueling station can help manage and create the opportunity for better fueling tactics and hydration. In addition, when athletes’ own personal funds are limited to purchasing snacks and beverages, this is helping them when they cannot. The reward is a well-fueled, energized, and ready to work athlete. Also, fueling student-athletes with the nourishment they need will help them do better in not only sports but also in their academic career as well.

How are Fueling Stations Implemented?

Fueling Stations can be implemented easily. By working with a Cuisine365 dietitian to select the right items for your team, university, or organization, they will help determine what will work best for your team’s budget, palate, energy needs, and nourishment. They can be stocked by Cuisine365 bi-weekly, monthly, or however the organization seems most fitting for their athletes. The ordering process and putting items in the Fueling Station area are taken care of by Cuisine365 so the stress is taken off of the team/university staff. Fueling stations should be in a rotation, offering new foods and beverage from time to time but also keeping the favorites.

Fueling Stations create the notion to get athletes to eat! That is so important to sports performance!

It is possible to create Fueling Stations with various budgets. To learn how your team can implement a Fueling Station with Cuisine365 please contact us.