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Thank you for your interest in Nutritious365's dietitian services. To schedule an appointment to meet with our dietitian, please email or click here to go to our contact form.

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To schedule an appointment to meet with our dietitian, please email the Director of Nutrition and Wellness, Whitney Clark, RD, CSSD, LDN fill out the form below or email here at

At Nutritious365, We Embrace A Culture Of Good Health & Well-being.

Our nutrition services are catered to any population and can be adjusted for any setting.
Below is a list of our nutrition services. For services you might have in mind but are not listed, please contact us to inquire.

Meet with the experts in cuisine and nutrition.

At Nutritious365, we offer one-on-one nutrition consultations with our registered dietitian along with dietitian approved meals. Nutrition consultations are for anyone -- from seeking dietary advice for running their first triathlon to being diagnosed with a food allergy. By working with a dietitian, you are gaining reliable, evidence-based nutrition and medical nutrition therapy for those requiring disease management or prevention.

Together you and our dietitian will evaluate your current dietary lifestyle, history, eating habits, and preferences. It is important to work together on your goals and help you learn the tools you need to succeed. We do not believe in giving you just a standard food plan to memorize. At Cuisine365 it is important we enable you to invest in your health and dietary goals for the utmost long-term success.

Nutrition Consultations Include & Are Not Limited To:

• Weight loss
• Weight gain
• Body Composition Goals
• Food allergies
• Child Nutrition
• High Blood Pressure

• High Cholesterol
• Diabetes management
• General overall healthier diet
• Menopause
• Teen Female Nutrition
• Eating Disorders

Nutrition Consultations Are Delivered In The Following Manner:

• One-on-one Privately (60 min)
• Follow-up appointments via in person or
FaceTime (30-60min)
• Grocery Store Tours

• Kitchen Rehab
(Restocking your kitchen with
healthier items)
• Group Nutrition Sessions

After receiving a consultation from our dietitian, they will review and assess your nutritional needs and give you a customized nutrition evaluation and plan.

Cuisine365 Nutrition & Wellness

Nutrition & Wellness are important components of our company. Our mission is to provide the highest quality food and nutritional services. Our experts in cuisine and nutrition have created menus that impress in flavor while using ingredients that are specific to an overall healthier well-being. From using foods rich in antioxidants to lean proteins and heart healthy fats, it is important that we serve food with purpose. We embrace a culture that promotes health and wellness. We believe in providing the opportunity for you to also embrace the entire healthy living lifestyle by providing nutrition and wellness services in the home, while traveling, and in the workplace.

Please learn about our following components of Cuisine365 Nutrition & Wellness:

Nutrition Services

Corporate Wellness

Meet with Our Dietitian

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Dietetic Internship Opportunities

If you have any questions regarding nutrition consulting or internship opportunities please contact our Director of Nutrition and Wellness, Whitney Butler, RD, CSSD, LDN:

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