Healthy Employees = Productive Employees.

Our goal is to ease the obstacle of employee health management by decreasing your healthcare costs. Productive employees = competitive edge, improved talent acquisition, and reduced medical absenteeism with fewer health risk factors resulting in lower health insurance premiums.

We are unique because we not only provide education, but the actual food to allow for sustainable changes in the workplace.

Cuisine365 Employee Wellness Program Outcomes:

  • Healthier dietary choices
  • Improved sleep and cognitive function
  • Increased energy and mental alertness
  • Lower blood pressure, reduced weight/BMI/body fat percentage
  • Reduced absenteeism and increased morale
  • Better coping for anxiety, stress, depression
  • Increased employee self-esteem, self-care

Please choose from any of the following corporate wellness options:

Nutrition Nook
Office stocked with candy bars to treat the usual 3PM crash? Vending machines taking a toll on your health and energy levels? We have a solution for you. The Cuisine365 Nutrition Nook is a fueling area for hard working employees. It is important to consistently fuel your body and mind with proper nutrients throughout the day to work effectively and efficiently. The nutritious items in your nook have been handpicked by our dietitian. These “grab & go” type stations will be customized to your specific work area and office location.

Nutrition Services
  • Individual nutrition consultations with a registered dietitian for your employees
  • Lunch & Learns offering a variety of wellness education topics (nutrition, stress management, etc.)
  • Group exercise classes
  • Cooking Demo with our Chef
  • Grocery Store Tours
  • Health based office wide wellness competitions with on-site incentives to increase employee engagement
  • Daily tips & a monthly wellness newsletter complete with recipes
  • Various screenings (blood pressure, BMI, body fat percentage, weight, etc.) to track progress and create a sense of ownership within the employee

Corporate Catering

We will cater your office breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner with our wide variety of healthy menu options.

For questions concerning Corporate Wellness, please contact